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      Sire: Bred for stock. Sister 1st 300 mi, 4th 550 mi.Sire is "Desi" 1st 232 mi, 1st 200 mi, 6th 200 mi, 9th 400 mi, 18th 140 mi and stocked. Bred 2nd 500 mi, 4th 375 mi, 4th 300 mi,. Gr Sire is “Ace” All distance ace pigeon club, concourse and combine. Middle distance ace pigeon club, concourse and combine 46 lofts. 1st 350 mil, 3rd 275 mil, 4th 200 miles, 6th 250 miles 13th 175 miles. He was 1st in show in class. All this as a yearling in 2000 Old Birds!
Dam: Bred for stock. She bred a 2 time race winner 1st year in stock. Sire is"Red Rider" 1st 531 mi, 3rd 258 mi, In one season flying 100 mi, 190 mi, 6th 333 mi, 15th 473 mi, 9th 204 mi, 188 mi, 219 miles. Sire is "Rosie's Boy". Dam is "Perfecta" This is a super hen. She was 1st 300 miles, 1st 240 miles, 1st 140 miles, 20th (should have been 1st) 186 miles, 7th 149 miles, 16th 220 miles and 38th 265 miles all in 2002 young birds. Her nestmate is "Miss Perfect" au 02 sky 897 RCH was 4th Overall Ace Digest Winner, 3rd California State Hall of Fame 2002 Young Birds

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