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      Sire: "Bon Blue 1st 400 miles, 4th 325 miles. Nestmate is "Shy" 1st 314 mi, 1st 200 mi, 3rd 375 mi, 4th 262 miles and then stocked. She is perfect and from our best. Sire is "Jed” Outstanding flier placing 1st 500 miles, 1st 220 miles, 5th 550 miles, 10th 240 miles all as a yearling! Sire is "Sky" In addidion to "Jed" he is sire to “Ace” 2001 Old Birds “Ace” pigeon All Distance and Middle Distance club, concourse and combine 46 lofts! Scoring 5 times with 4 diplomas! Sky also 1st in show and also has bred 1st 400 miles, 3rd 400, 2nd 220 etc.
Dam: "Sweetpea" 3rd 219 mi, 4th 132 mi, 4th 251 mi, 6th 219 mi, 9th 132 mi in younb birds. Sire "Vinny" 2006 young birds 1st 258 miles, 3rd 204 miles, 4th 219 miles and stocked. Sire is "Megas Son" Direct son of "Falconett" hen AU 87 YOLO 7387 1ST 200, 2ND 200, 2ND 300 1ST SECTION 500 and breeder of many, many top birds. This cock is the best I have at the distance.

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