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      Sire: "Angel" A direct daughter of "Silver Boy" and "Cool". She was 1ST 200 miles, 1ST 234 miles and she flew 14 races in YB and OB and stocked. She is perfect! "Silverboy" 1st 550 mi, 10th 400 mi, 11th, 300 mi.(old birds) equal 1st 100 mi, 5th 275 mi, 12th 200 mi, 11th 240 mi, (young birds).
Dam: "Sugar" 2nd 500 mi and 4th 300 miles. She bred my best young bird in 2015.
Sire: "Mr. Jones " Flew the distance to 600 miles. I gave this cock to a good friend of mine and after his flying career he was given back to me. He is a Direct son of "Silver Class" and is one of the nicest I have ever raised from him. I have no better distance pigeons! "Silver Class" Bred 1st 600, 1st 450, 1st 300, 2nd 600, 4th 500 etc.

Dam: "Snow White" "Snow White" 1st 275 mi, 1st 200 mi, 7th 200 mi, 4th 220 mi 481 birds, 7th 200 mi 373 birds 31st 260 miles 282 birds, 18th 200 mi, 34th 100 mi.

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