au19sky0068 - Hen - $175

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      "Skipper" He flew 10 races & stocked. He was 1st 314 miles, 4th 200 miles. In 2012 old birds to my loft he was 1st 112 mi, 1st 144 miles, 1st 200 miles, 2nd 261 miles and 1st 373 miles. He bred 3 race winners and several top birds first 3 years in the stock loft! “Sire is "Wenatchee Wonder" 1st 550 miles. Only day bird! "Shy" 1st 314 mi, 1st 200 mi, 3rd 375 mi, 4th 262 miles and then stocked. She is perfect and from our best. Sire is "Jed” Outstanding flier placing 1st 500 miles,

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