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      Sire: "Black Magic" I doubt I have ever had a more beautiful pigeon. He was 1st and 2nd Overall in Calif. State and No. Calif. State shows respectively. His flying record is 8th/ 140 mi, 38th, 175 mi, 33rd 192 mi, 22nd 200 mi, 5th 250 mi, 7th 330 mi, 3rd 473 mi and 5th 538 miles. His half brother was 1st Calif. State Hall of fame!
Dam: "Precious" 2012 Young Bird Club Champion. Sire is "Fast Eddie" 1st 165 iles, 1st 165 miles, 1st 335 miles, 3rd 270 miles and stocked. His nest mate is "Mega Star" AU 05 SKY 0826 Blue Check. First California State Hall of Fame 2005 young birds! "Champion Bird 2005 Y.B." 1st 163 miles, 1st 164 miles,1st 270 miles, 3rd 115 miles, 9th 300 miles, 11th 234 miles!

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