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      Sire: "Rosie's Pride" He is a direct son of my number foundation pair "Rosie's Boy" and "JuJu"! He bred 1st 250 young bird first year in stock loft. He was 1st in California state show in class! "Rosie's Boy" is the last son of "Rosie". She was an incredible hen. She and her children are responsible for well over 50 winning pigeons. Dam: "Katie"- 2nd 530 miles, 2nd 334 miles, 2nd 188 miles , 9th 200 miles, 11th, 300 miles, 14th 473 miles, 39th 219 miles, 59th 258 miles! She is a full sister to "Iron Mike" 1st 550 miles. He was the only day bird flying 15 hours 13 minutes clocking at 9 pm . He was also 2nd 300 miles and and stocked.

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