au17sky0141 - Hen - $SOLD

Comments: au17sky0141
      This hen is from the best distance pigeons I own. She was born blind in one of her eyes. She is very nice and I think perfect in the hand. She should be an excellent foundation hen.
Sire: "Red Rider" 1st 531 mi, 3rd 258 mi, In one season flying 100 mi, 190 mi, 6th 333 mi, 15th 473 mi, 9th 204 mi, 188 mi, 219 miles. Sire is "Rosie's Boy". He is the last son of"Rosie". She was an incredible hen. She and her children are responsible for well over 50 winning pigeons.
Dam:"Babe" 1st 609 miles winning by over 3 hours with temperatures at 114 degrees! She was clocked at 10 am the second day. Very few birds to home from this race. The same OB race season she also flew 11th 244 miles, 28th 304 miles, 5th 343 miles, 9th 276 miles, and 6th 172 miles. As a young bird she flew 90 miles., 172 miles, 244 miles, 276 miles and 304 miles placing 1st to loft at at 244,276 and 304miles! Very typical of these pigeons!

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