Pair # 56 "Astro" & "SussieQ"
AU 17 SKY 391 AU 16 SKY 473


"Astro" Bred 1st 435 miles, 4th 245 miles. Sire is  Jed Outstanding flier placing 1st 500 miles, 1st 220 miles, 5th 550 miles, 10th 240 miles all as a yearling! Sire is "Sky" In addidion to "Jed" he is sire to “Ace” 2001 Old Birds “Ace” pigeon All Distance and Middle Distance club, concourse and combine 46 lofts! Scoring 5 times with 4 diplomas! Dam is "Shadow" 1st 600 miles. Direct son of "Megas Son" Direct son of "Falconett" hen AU 87 YOLO 7387 1ST 200, 2ND 200, 2ND 300 1ST SECTION 500 and breeder of many, many top birds. This cock is the best I have at the distance.  "SussieQ" Bred for stock.  Sire is "Chris" adirect son of "Silver Class" - a great breeder. 1st 550 miles, 2nd 600 mils, 1st 400 miles, 5th 400 miles, 1st 125 miles etc. This in 3 years with 3 different hens!  Sire  "Silver Class" Outstanding breeding cock At last count he had bred 1st 600, 1st 450, 1st 300, 2nd 600, 4th 500 etc. Dam is  Dam is  

"Snow White" "Snow White" 1st 275 mi, 1st 200 mi,  7th 200 mi, 4th 220 mi 481 birds, 7th 200 mi 373 birds 31st 260 miles 282 birds, 18th 200 mi, 34th 100 mi.

 Sire is "Awesome" 3 time diploma in old birds. Runner up overall in No. Cal show and st in show in class for 3 years!.  Sire  " Hand some " Super breeder. He has bred over 10 race winners including “Misty” 4 x 1st. Dam is “Alexandria” who bred 3 time diploma winner, 1st in show and a dau of “Handsome”.  He flew to 600 miles. He was 1st in show in class. 

Dam to "Snow White" "Miss Wenatchee” 1st 550 miles 2006 Old Birds is another super daughter of "Handsome"! She was one of the last birds he bred before going infertile.