Pair # 30 "Rosie's Pride" & "Katie"
AU 08 JUJU 0055 AU 06 SKY 332

"Rosie's Pride" He is a direct son of my number foundation pair "Rosie's Boy" and "JuJu"! He bred 1st 250 young bird first year in stock loft. He was 1st in California state show in class!  "Rosie's Boy" is the last son of "Rosie". She was an incredible hen. She and her children are responsible for well over 50 winning pigeons. "Rosie's Boy" has bred 1st 550 (Only Day Bird), 2nd 650, 2nd 600, 6th 600, 2nd 500 (Only 2 day birds), 4th 600,6th 600, 3rd 200 and 2nd 300 mile auction race winner!(at last count!) He was also first in show in class! His sire AU 91 NSH 6383 RC (a brother to "Princess") was sold to Taiwan for a large sum of money. Dam is "Rosie" AU 87 NSH 0995 RCH. None better!!! Dam to "Rosie's Pride" is "Ju Ju"1st Overall Ace Digest Pigeon 2002 Young Birds, 1st California State Hall of Fame 10-25 lofts 2002 Young Birds! The hen flew all 8 races scoring 6 equal 1st. 1st 302 mi (equal), 1st 232 mi (equal), 1st 265 mi (equal), 1st 185 mi (equal), 9th 150 mi, 19 th 140 miles. She is once in a lifetime pigeon! Sire is "Prince" and dam is "Mistress". "JuJu" bred "Splash" outstanding hen placing 1st 300 miles, 2nd 500 miles, 6th 185 miles and 17th 250 miles as a yearling and stocked and "Louisa" equal 3rd Calif. State Race 2004 and 2nd club 250 mi, 5th 300 miles young birds first year breeding!

"Rosie's Boy"

"Ju Ju"

"Katie"- 2nd 530 miles, 2nd 334 miles, 2nd 188 miles , 9th 200 miles, 11th, 300 miles, 14th 473 miles, 39th  219 miles, 59th 258 miles! She is a full sister to "Iron Mike" 1st 550 miles. He was the only day bird flying 15 hours 13 minutes clocking at 9 pm . He was also 2nd 300 miles and and stocked. Sire is “Red Boy” Bred for stock. He was 1st in show in class. Iron Mike bred "Blue Lady" 1st 300, 1st 258, 1st 275, 2nd 404, 2nd 258, 3rd 190, 7th, 219 then stocked. She was 1st in show in class. Sire “Rosie’s Boy” He was 1st in show . "Iron Mike's" dam is "Goldie" She also bred Hi Point Champion Bird. She is a direct daughter of "My Princess" who bred 6 race winners including "Far Out" 1st 550 miles winning by 1 hour and 20 mins.! Sire is "Blue Mag" breeder of 3 race winners and 2nd 400 miles and was 1st in show in class!