Pair # 20 "Skipper" & "Shy"
AU 10 SKY 238 AU 15 SKY 56


"Skipper" He flew 10 races & stocked. He was 1st 314 miles, 4th 200 miles. In 2012 old birds to my loft he was 1st 112 mi, 1st 144 miles, 1st 200 miles, 2nd 261 miles and 1st 373 miles. He bred 3 race winners and several top birds first 3 years in the stock loft! “Sire is "Wenatchee Wonder" 1st 550 miles. Only day bird! 1st 175 with 4 diplomas! Bred 1st 175, 4th 300, 2nd 200 and money winner in Chesapeake Classic race. 

Dam is “Rosie's Girl” This hen has 1st 550 miles (only day bird), 2nd 650 and 4 diplomas in 2 years racing! Sire is "Rosie's Boy" AU 96 ARPU 22854 and Dam is "Lady Diana" AU 96 POP 1325. She was 2nd in show in class and has bred 5 diploma winners including 1st 450 , 1st 300, and 2nd 550 miles day of toss!

"Shy" 1st 314 mi, 1st 200 mi, 3rd 375 mi, 4th 262 miles and then stocked. She is perfect and from our best.  Sire is "Jed” Outstanding flier placing 1st 500 miles, 1st 220 miles, 5th 550 miles, 10th 240 miles all as a yearling! Sire is "Sky" In addidion to "Jed" he is sire to “Ace” 2001 Old Birds “Ace” pigeon All Distance and Middle Distance club, concourse and combine 46 lofts! Scoring 5 times with 4 diplomas! Sky also 1st in show and also has bred 1st 400 miles, 3rd 400, 2nd 220 etc.  Dam to "Jed" is "Bon Blue" Another daughter of "Princess". She has also bred 3rd 500, 5th 300, 5th 300, 4th 400. Sire is AU 93 NSH 5205 Son of the "Mega Hen" She was 1st in show in class!  Dam to "Shy" is "Babe" 1st 609 miles winning by over 3 hours with temperatures at 114 degrees! She was clocked at 10 am the second day. Very few birds to home from this race. The same OB race season she also flew 11th 244 miles, 28th 304 miles, 5th 343 miles, 9th 276 miles, and 6th 172 miles. As a young bird she flew 90 miles., 172 miles, 244 miles, 276 miles and 304 miles placing 1st to loft at at 244,276 and 304miles! Very typical of these pigeons!