Pair # 13 "Mr. Class" & "Tessa"

AU 06 SKY 52 AU 13 SKY 429


"Mr. Class" Bred for stock from two of the best birds I have ever owned. (As is his nest mate "Tessa")!

Sire "Iron Mike" 1st 550 miles. He was the only day bird flying 15 hours 13 minutes clocking at 9 pm . He was also 2nd 300 miles and and stocked. Sire is “Red Boy” Bred for stock. He was 1st in show in class. Sire “Rosie’s Boy” He was 1st in show .

 Dam to Mr. Class is “Miss Rosie” This hen has 1st 550 miles (only day bird), 2nd 650 and 4 diplomas in 2 years racing! Sire is "Rosie's Boy" AU 96 ARPU 22854 and Dam is "Lady Diana" AU 96 POP 1325. She was 2nd in show in class and has bred 5 diploma winners including 1st 450 , 1st 300, and 2nd 550 miles day of toss!

"Tessa" - From two of the best I have ever owned! (As is her nest mate "Mr. Class")!

Sire: "Super Star" - First "California State Hall of Fame" 2004. He was 2nd 328 mi / 267 birds, 2nd 249 mi / 552 birds, 1st 203 mi / 730 birds, / 2nd 362 mi / 518 birds, 2nd 203 mi / 248 birds! . He also has bred 3rd 300, 3rd 500, 2nd 350, 6th 200, 1st 135 and was a show winner in class. Sire is “Grey Choice” Gr. Sire "Jeune Gris" (sold to Taiwan) AU 91 NSH 6387 Dam: "Pearl" 6807 silver.  The dam to "Super Star" is "FALCO'S BEST" Direct daughter of "Princess" breeding over 15 winners from 100 to 550 miles. None better!

Dam: "Ju Ju"1st Overall Ace Digest Pigeon 2002 Young Birds, 1st California State Hall of Fame 10-25 lofts 2002 Young Birds! The hen flew all 8 races scoring 6 equal 1st. 1st 302 mi (equal), 1st 232 mi (equal), 1st 265 mi (equal), 1st 185 mi (equal), 9th 150 mi, 19 th 140 miles. She is once in a lifetime pigeon! Sire is "Prince" and dam is "Mistress". "JuJu" bred "Splash" outstanding hen placing 1st 300 miles, 2nd 500 miles, 6th 185 miles and 17th 250 miles as a yearling and stocked and "Louisa" (pr# 16) equal 3rd Calif. State Race 2004 and 2nd club 250 mi, 5th 300 miles young birds first year breeding!