Pair # 6 "Sky" & "Gorgeous"
AU 98 POP 1996 AU 00 POP 0319


“Sky” Sire to “Ace” 2001 Old Birds “Ace” pigeon All Distance and Middle Distance club, concourse and combine 46 lofts! Scoring 5 times with 4 diplomas! Sky also 1st in show and also has bred 1st 400 miles, 3rd 400, 2nd 220 etc.  Sire “Le Gris” AU 96 ARPU 22876 and dam is “April”. None better.   "Gorgeous" She is the mother of "Houdini" She has flown 22 races to 500 miles and these are her wins with no doubling!! 1st 232 miles, 1st 232 miles, 1st 192 miles, 1st 184 miles, equal 1st 184 miles, equal 1st 184 miles, equal 1st 140 miles.  In addition to “Houdini” she has bred 2nd 550 miles, 2nd 400 miles, 4th 275 miles and 2nd 125 miles. If that is not enough she was 1st Overall Show Winner in Northern California show 200 plus birds!  She is a direct daughter of “My Princess” who has bred 6 winners including “Far Out” 1st 550 miles winning by 1 hour 20 minutes. Sire is “Blue Mag” breeder of 3 race winners, 2nd 400 miles and he was 2nd in show in class!