How to Order

Hi Everyone,

In 2018 I will only have 5 kits of young birds available between January and May . The price is $750 for 5 birds or $1400 for 10 birds. They will directly off the foundation breeders but will be my pick. This will enable me to pick and ship all your birds at the same time. Please order early if you are interested in purchasing a kit as I usually sell out by the end of January. I always keep the last group for myself and have a wonderful selection of 1 and 2 year old birds for sale in the late summer and fall. These will generally be priced from $250- each or 2 for $450 . If you are interested in one of the breeders in the photo album I will consider selling only those I can replace or have the parents to. Shipping charges have changed and I should know more very soon. Due to the changes is box sizes single box 1 bird is $55 , single box 2 birds is $65. 

I appreciate your interest ,


      Send us your name, address, phone number, credit card number and expiration along with your order to Dr. Mike Brown

     Send us the above information along with credit card information or check to:
Skylake Sions

Dr. Mike Brown

10588 Chayote Dr.

Durham, Ca. 95938

     You can also call with your order information:

 Phone 209-482-2422